Replacing cornmeal with mango meal in diets for juvenile tambaqui Colossoma macropomum: growth and metabolic parameters

  • Anderson Miranda de SOUZA Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBA
  • Daniela Ferraz Bacconi CAMPECHE Embrapa Semiárido
  • Gilberto MORAES Universidade Federal de São Carlos – UFSCar
  • Fúlvio Viegas Santos Teixeira de MELO Instituto Federal Baiano – IFBA, Campus Catu
  • Manoel Adriano da Cruz NETO Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco – UNIVASF
  • Jose Fernando Bibiano MELO Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco – UNIVASF


The effect on tambaqui fingerlings performance caused by diets containing two different carbohydrate sources was evaluated. Four isoproteic diets with different mango meal concentrations (0, 33, 66 and 100%) replacing cornmeal were tested. The feeding trial lasted 45 days and the feeding rate was 8% of total biomass. 240 tambaqui fingerlings with an initial weight average of 3.66g were distributed in 12 500-liter tanks in a recirculating water system with biofilter. Performance, feed intake, carcass yield, survival, total cholesterol, plasmatic free amino acids, hepatic aspartate aminotransferase(AST), hepatic glycogen and plasma glucose values were evaluated. The results showed that weight gain, daily weight gain, specific growth rate, apparent food consumption, cholesterol, AST and glycogen showed higher values in the treatments with the highest levels of mango meal. Apparent feed conversion, carcass yield, survival and plasma glucose were not affected by the two sources of carbohydrates tested. In conclusion, mango meal used in a practical diet for tambaqui improved growth performance.


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