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Seafood Show Latin America 2023

Fish for Health in Seafood Show Latin America 2023

From October 22nd to 24th, 2023, Fish for Health Research Nucleus was present at the Seafood Show Latin America, a prestigious event focused on promoting consumption and consolidating the fish market in the country.

There were three days of lots of exchange, information and networking, which took place at the Fisheries Institute's stand, where the Nucleus's team received around two hundred people and was able to fulfill the mission of disseminating knowledge about health based on a diet consisting of fish. It was also an opportunity to apply the research questionnaire on fish consumption.

Among the members of the Nucleus, the general coordinator, Daniel Lemos, the Communication coordinator, Cristiane Neiva, the Partnership coordinator, Vander Bruno, the executive manager, Rafael Coelho, and the Postdoctoral Researcher, Jessica Levy, were present; who took advantage of the moment to meet and discuss new actions for the Project.

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