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The mission of the research nucleus on Fish for Health is to promote and increase fish consumption, including nutritionally fortified farmed fish, as a more healthy alternative to the consumption of processed meats and `fast-food’ products, in the fight against the epidemic of obesity, coronary heart disease, and associated ailments within the State of São Paulo and Brazil. 


The information and data generated in Fish for Health will contribute to the conscious consumption of fish in the State of São Paulo, scientifically subsidizing consumers and policy managers in the validation and optimization of innovative solutions for the valorization of fish and aquatic food as nutritious food sources.


The Universities (USP, UMC, UFRN) and government research institutions (Instituto de Pesca) will work together, as a research team, in partnership with industry, to solve the problem in the State of São Paulo. The research objectives are directly related to the focal themes presented by the Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply and the Secretariat of Health, and require a multidisciplinary research approach to solve the public health and logistical problems in the state.

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